The Cold Caress

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1. Bodies on the Avenue
2. Blood n' Bones
3. The Cold Caress
4. Les Photos Restent
5. June's Dying
6. The Garden of Disease
7. Reptile
8. Sink In
9. Red Lights Dance
10. Missing Miles
11. Schneid Das Blau
12. Seashell Radio
13. Aparicion

A fast hand and a car crash in every piece that was smashed. They smoked off the sidewalk, carcinogen and crisscrossed. Add it up, do the math. It is all a blood bath. Knocking you right off your feet. They drop dead on the street. Colliding through all the blue bodies on the avenue. Coming closer behind the wheel, they didn't think he would kill. Bodies on the avenue moved as it was of use. Tires squeal and you turn the wheel fast. Glass breaks as they collapse. Schizophrenia consumes. We didn’t know what to do. Say a verse solemnly true, a paradise lost for you.

Dig your grave and bash your head. Dance away anorexic dread. These young limbs are for the taking. Tender hearts are for the breaking. Twist and turn this life you live cutting hips with pointy ribs. Leave me a sweet bedtime kiss with green alcohol on your lips. Skin and bone driving home, be sure to meet me at nine alone. Come and meet us down the street in this dark debauchery. You’re so sick you drank too much, don’t drive you’re way too drunk. You’ve been drinking too much alcohol. Someone is going to fall. The sight of blood is on your teeth and it’s scattered on the street. Left two scars on my hand, memories in the black van. I hear his voice, Mr. Murphy. Bela’s undead and were in a hurry to escape, we are lost souls found in every place.

Scarring white paper with a typewriter, stark impressions left behind. You twist like words, a cadence of murder. You strike the ground when the sun shines. Send the ashes into the wind, let the cold caress begin and as the ashes fade we watch you go into the waves. I saw something in the mirror move, a face disappear into the room. Like a film in rewind you remain there all the time, and once again you repeat the scene. A destiny of card thirteen in the cold caress. Throw the bones and read the signs, repeat this verse and walk the line. Underwater within the waves the cold caress takes you away, pulls you in like the undertow. Dive on in and just let go.

It all dates back to times away, moments passed by behind picture frames. Faces replaced in stories of old. A dark dialogue needs to be told. Together they wait stuck in a frame, gray photos remain dusty and aged. Watching them walk, watching them dance. Watching them fall into romance. Look at her sink. Look at her strife. Can’t break through the glass to save her life. Watching time fly behind the glass, seen so much change as photographs. Still life remains in picture frames, watching you dance into your grave. Tragedy falls before your eyes. Stuck in a frame watching her die. I look at your face timeless and gray, dusty and aged on the display.

June's dying before our eyes, he tried to save her life. She kept faith in him, June died within. June’s drowning within the sea, the undertow pulls her in deep. He said no when she asked, she will always turn her back now. Watching from the other side, he can’t break through to save her life. Waters rise and her life is lost left feeling faint and forgot. Came to this place bastardized. Left totally desensitized. Read what the cards have warned, devastation and the storm. Junes dying. June’s dying, right before our eyes. Junes dying. Junes dying, say your last good-byes. Junes dying. Junes dying, she kept faith in him. Junes dying. Junes dying, June died within. June’s dying within our sight, here comes July. She is gone and can’t be found.

So the serpentines slither slippery in-between. Their pink tongues lick the way as the aging prophets sway going deep into the hole always losing our control. Its said a snake spoke to Eve in the garden of disease. The tree of life became forgot and its fruit began to rot. What did the snake say to Eve in garden of disease? She took the key to unlock the curses of Pandora’s box. Snakes slither through your eyes. Hollow skulls are sanctified. Arrange the bones to form a cross. Long cast curses now forgot. Cathedral paintings come alive when no one else is inside. Statues speak, ceilings scream at slithering serpentines. Dead bodies holding rosaries, daggers in hearts, hands and feet.

Written by The Church. Lyrics: Steve Kilbey
Music: Steve Kilbey Peter Koppes, Marty Willson-Piper, Ploog

The skin you’ve been shedding. We hear the rumors spreading. A cobra sleeps next to you, a deathbed made just for two. Your paling, she’s scaly. Sink in and you move. It’s sexy undressing in your room. Tell tales of scaly strangers, nightlives filled with danger. We hear the bed shake and squeak as your secrets start to leak. Listen to the sounds the snakes make. You are swallowing prey. Murder strikes down in the park, lets go dance in the dark. You are prepared to strike. Sink in. Sink in alive. Such silky scales on your skin, did you feel the venom sink in? You squeeze those bodies so tight. You’ve got a deadly snakebite.

Snap, snap, snap! Cameras flash. Cross you heart and hope you last. You’re so close it’s tough to say. Don’t ask us why just dance away. Pray that you survive when you see the flashing lights. Before they knock you on your back, kiss the ground and kiss it fast. Bullet shells can’t be found by you lying on the bloody ground. Suddenly before your eyes see the cars passing by. Red lights dance in black. You started walking back. Your heart was filled with so much joy when we seen it get destroyed.

The sanctified skull remains. The snakeskin sheds away. They mark the streets again. Bloodstains run thick and thin. As the aging prophets sway look for a light to lead the way. As the sun begins to rise, the light hits your eyes. Down the missing miles we stretch our arms to you. Down the missing miles, were getting closer. Missing miles scarred and bruised. Missing miles watch them move. The death card and your fate never seem to change. Slithering like a snake, the road moves so strange. We ride on its back, white lines along the black. Our balance will not last. We will fall off fast. When we fall we will see water’s waiting underneath. What is gone shall return again to the sea my long lost friends. Don’t ask us why. Don’t make a sound. The lost are dreaming to be found.

The Salamander is said to survive. The lizard that keeps free thought alive. Almost overdosed on sleeping pills. Now reading books will get you killed. Montag is changing, cant you see? Are you happy? Said the late Clarisse. No art, no books, no fun, just fears with radio sets hooked to your ears. What’s going on in your mind today? Seashell Radio begins to play. Through the sordid corridors unseen words melt in the hearth. From distant eyes the reader sees a wax doll melting in its own heat. Slip in sociology, tied up in philosophy. "This may be the death of me." He said. 451 Salamanders devour their own tail. The Sieve and the Sand, lets set sail. When books burn in Fahrenheit 451 they burn so bright. In this decent we leave behind. The past is gone into the night. The past is gone it's burning bright.

Schneid! Schneid das blau. Schneid durch das Blau. Zerschneide die blauen Wellen. Schneid durch das Blau. Ich Bin so schwach. Es ist Zeit. Weg zu schwimmen und zu scheiden.

Aparicion died in dreams two times before. He's so far gone, he can’t take no more. Scars and cuts adorn your skin. Swallowing razors, stabbing in. Iron flavor resting on my tongue, the surface of coagulated blood. Everything has a side effect, disconnected dead distress. His shadow is gone. He has no face. He’s a transparent ghost in modern daze. They gather in streets. That’s where they fall, dark silhouettes standing so tall. Stuck in a place. Scarred on the Earth. Accept your death and enter rebirth. Trying so hard to fill in the void of the despaired life you destroyed. There you remain. There you still search. Wandering streets all over the earth with damage. The dawning was darker than ever before. My ribs were bruised, broken and sore. Scars adorn the place you died. A black figure remains hollow inside. What happened right then? That moment in time impressions of death repeat and rewind.