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Past Gigs


Safari Sams
Wake The Dead Deathrock Festival
April 7th, 2007, Los Angeles, CA
(w/ Ausgang, Cinema Strange, Scarlets Remains, Burning Image, Pins & Needles)

The Urban Lounge
March 29th, 2007, SLC, UT

In the Venue
February 24th, 2007, SLC, UT
(w/ Redemption)

Area 51
June 9th 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah
(Dark Arts Festival)

Club Vegas
July 18th 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah
(w/ Redemption)

Evolution @ Ali Baba's
July 21st 2007, Boise, Idaho
(w/ Redemption)

Release The Bats
July 27th 2007
Long Beach, California

Bar Sinister
July 28th 2007
Hollywood, California

Area 51
August 16th 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah
(w/ Android Lust & Carphax Files)

The Avalon
August 23rd 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah
(w/ Dead By Day, DieMonsterDie & The Pagan Dead)

The Avalon
August 26th 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah
(w/ Combichrist & Imperative Reaction!)

The Avalon
September 1st 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
(w/ KILL HANNAH & Angelfelt)

Club Vegas
September 13th 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah
(w/ Mankind is Obsolete & Redemption)

The Trapp Door
September 14th 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
(w/ Angels on Acid & Carphax Files)

The Urban Lounge
October 4th 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah
(w/ Levinhurst)

Club Vegas
October 13th 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah< br> (Dark Arts Festival Fundraiser)

The Trapp Door
October 25th 2007
Salt Lake City, Utah

The Steeple
November 3rd 2007
Waregem, Belgium

The Viper Room
November 5th 2007
Vienna, Austria
(w/ Strange Dolls Cult & Hysteric Helen)

The Cave
November 6th 2007
Frankfurt, Germany
(w/ Nurzery Rhymes & Inversion)

Club Uni-k.u.m.
November 8th 2007
Erfurt, Germany

Pagan Love Songs
November 9th 2007
Zwischenfall, Germany
(w/ Varsovie)

Chez Heinz
November 10th 2007
Hannover, Germany

Berlin, Germany
November 13th 2007
(w/ Last Lament & Doppleganger)

Club Maiden - Alternative Club
November 14th 2007
(w/ Kidz On Fuzz)


Club Vegas
December 30th, 2006, SLC, UT
(w/ Project 44)

The Circuit
December 15th, 2006, SLC, UT
(w/DieMonsterDie, Spooky Deville, Apikorism)

Elbo Room - Chicago
OCTOBER 29, 2006, Chicago IL
(w/ Cinema Strange and Soulscape)

Club Vegas
October 6, 2006, SLC UT
(w/ Hellbound Saints and Carphax Files)

Wave Gotik Treffen
June 3rd, 2006, Leipzig, Germnay
(w/ Gotterdammerung, Voices of Masada, Ausgang, All Gone Dead, Bloody Dead and Sexy)

Captains Quarters
May 4th 2006 SLC, UT
(w/Clit 45 & Career Soldiers)

Burts Tiki Lounge
SLC UT 04/22/06
(w/Domiana, DiemonsterDie, Left For Dead & Grave Danger)

Chasers Nightclub
Scotsdale, AZ 03/25/06
(w/ System Syn)

Release the Bats
03/24/06 Long Beach, CA

Club Vegas
SLC UT 02/24/06


SLC UT 09/22/05
(w/ Stolen Babies & Hellbound Saints)

Release the Bats
08/26/05 Long Beach, CA

08/17/05 SLC, UT
(w/ Dismantled)

Gunter Murphy's
Chicago IL 08/13/05
(w/The Vile, Stochastic Theory, Wraith)

Silver Lake, CA 07/30/05

Dark Arts 2005
SLC UT 06/04/05

The Urban Lounge for Slug Localized
SLC UT 05/13/05
(w/ Domiana & Muses of Bedlam)

Dark Arts Fundraiser
SLC UT 04/17/05
(w/ Domiana & Muses of Bedlam)

SLC UT 04/15/05
(w/Violet Run)

Murray Theatre
SLC UT 03/18/05
(w/ Domiana, Redemption, Carphax Files)

Kilby Court
SLC UT 02/26/05
(w/ 23 Extacy, Redemption)

Kilby Court
SLC UT 01/19/05
(w/Carphax files & DieMonsterDie)


Chicago, IL 12/18/04
(w/Abney Parl, Oneiroid Psychosis)

Los Angeles CA 12/03/04

Kilby Court
SLC UT 11/13/04

Monk's House of Jazz
SLC UT 10/31/04
(w/Carphax Files)

Rock Island
Denver CO 10/24/04
(w/ Radio Scarlet)

Decadence In Decay
the Manhattan SLC UT 08/22

Nightmare Before Bats Day II
Los Angeles CA 08/28
(w/Frankenstein, The Last Dance, Voodoo Organist)

Idaho Fetish Night
Pocatello ID 08/13/04

Burts Tiki Lounge
SLC UT 08/10/04
(w/ The Brides)

Monk's House of Jazz
w/ Machinegun Symphony
SLC UT 08/01/04

Release the Bats
Long Beach, CA 07/23/04

Area 51
Sixx Premonitions CD Release Party
SLC UT 07/11/04

Monk's House of Jazz
Rozz Williams Memorial
SLC UT 04/04/04

Area 51
Dark Arts 2004
SLC UT 06/04/04

Monk's House of Jazz
Dark Arts 2004 Fundraiser
SLC UT 03/14/04

Drop Dead Festival LA
Los Angeles CA 03/07/04
(w/Dinah Cancer & the Grave Robbers, The Deep Eynde, Frankenstein, Shadow Reichenstein)

Los Angeles CA 01/14/04
(w/Domiana & Redemption)

Monk's House of Jazz
SLC UT 01/11/04


11/22/03 Orange County, CA
(w/ Wailing Wall)

Bar Sinister
Los Angeles CA 10/24/03

Vampire Bazaar
Long Beach, CA 10/19/03
(w/ Frankenstein, The Last Dance, Voodoo Church)

Dark Arts 2003
SLC UT 06/15/03

Las Vegas NV 04/26/03
(w/Abney Park, Bella Morte & Penis Flytrap)

Release the Bats
Rozz Memorial Long Beach CA 04/25/03

Dark Arts Fundraiser
SLC UT 02/23/03

Sin13, San Antonio TX 02/01 /03
(w/ Cinema Strange, Element & Undergrave)


Buried Alive
Los Angeles CA 10/04/02

Todd's Bar & Grill
SLC UT 09/22/02
(Stich's 1st gig in TB)

Fetish Night @ The Manhattan
SLC UT 08/25/02

SLC UT 07/29/02
(w/ Wick)

Fuse CD Release
Layton UT 07/13/02

SLC UT 07/01/02

Dark Arts Festival 2002
SLC UT 06/09/02
(w/ With Human drama, The Cadavers & others)

SLC UT 05/12/02
(w/ Awaiting Treatment)

Articulate LAcerations CD Release Party
SLC UT 05/10/02
(w/ Violet Run)

Heresy @ The Manhattan
SLC UT 04/14/02

Rozz Williams Memorial
SLC UT 04/01/02

SLC UT 02/15/02
(w/ Domiana, The Midnight Dreary & Redemption)


Red Cross Benefit Show
SLC UT 10/03/01
(w/ Endless Struggle)

With Penis Flytrap
SLC UT 07/23/01

Dark Arts 2001
SLC UT 06/03/01
(w/ Apocalypse Theatre, Voltaire, Doamiana & Redemption and other local bands)

Black Easter
SLC UT 04/15/01
(w/ Domiana &Redemption)

Rozz Williams Memorial
SLC UT 04/01/01


Halloween - SLC UT 10/31/00
(1st live gig w/ Redemption)