The Decadent Requiem

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(The Doom Generation)

2.Circuit 3
3.Surreal Catharsis
4.Suburbian Dystopia
6.Mad Hatter
7.Lost Time
8.Fading Echoes
9.Faith In Decay
11.Smeared Eyes
12.The Decadent Requiem
14.Holding Hands


In this apocalyptic waste of a countries destroyed land. The USA's mistakes and the tendencies of man. Widespread death is in the futures eye. Our world's a burning place and the death tolls rising, high.

Corruption was the root of this deadly fate. The destructive pollution humanity creates. History repeats itself after every atrocity. The all time degradation of every society. Petroleo poisons men and controls the government. Addicted to the destruction of our natural environment. The ill-informed majorities just believed what they seen. Spoon-fed on propaganda, glued tight to the screen. Fighting again for oil, a plague upon this land. It should be illegal, but it's highly in demand.

We're the doom generation in this toxic nation left with no future and no salvation. We are left in this place with the waste of the past. With the smoggy grey skies and terror attacks. Born in this country with a knife in our back. We're the doom generation and we'll be the last.

Dying in tyranny. A cultural toxicity. Living so asleep is a perpetual fatality. You sentence us to death. Tuck us into bed. Polluted and condemed in this future up ahead. They destroyed what was alive, all the blood that they drained. If these greedy people had the choice they would do it all again.

Time to face the problems that wont go away. Were the doom generation and we're here to stay. We wont sing your anthem's, there's no fucking way! We're the doom generation and were here to say.

Tear out the heart, blood pumping in your hand. Drill out the oil and rape our fucking land. Tear out the wires implanted in your brain. Anuerysms clotted in your consumer veins. Glitter like death will sparkle in your absent eyes. Dripping from the faucet, leaking, losing life. Beating through my brains. Pulsating through my veins. Tear yourself away. Break free from the chains. Electric circuits cut our wrist, but we still resist. Melting circuitry. Synthetic tissue slit. Tear out the static infusing feedback in this state. Like a chemical reaction to the chaos you create. Tear out the murder cleansing stains upon your hands. Permanently poisoned under flags in every land. Beating through my brains. Pulsating through my veins. Tear yourself away. Break free from the chains. Electric circuits cut our wrist, but we fucking resist. Melting circuitry. Synthetic tissue slit. Explore the darkness in the void fast asleep. You'll be covered with metal wires, see what will come to be. Disinfect the action of the beating of your heart. Remain alone in death as the outside falls apart. Disengage destruction and inject the living pain. Forever in a struggle. Forever is today.

We enter the depths of the darkend shadowed halls. Lead by soothing voices, the distant spirits call. Like the wave of fire from the blowing autumn leaves. A wave of chilling darkness quickly rushes over me. Lying on a frozen tomb with a trancendental shroud. Eyes sense somthing moving in the black and purple clouds. Open eyes to see the weather patterns form. Starring at the sky. The blazing firestorm. Calling to the rain to clense our restless soul. Taken to the sky through a glowing open hole. Meeting lucent fugres eminating light. Faceless in the darkness. Faces made of light. Deep voices from inside speak out from within. In the sea of endless darkness a phantasm begins. In a quiet place so close, but so very far away. Hear the voices tremble as the static fades away. Unveiled imagrey with surreal transparency. Look into the mirrors through everyone we see. This surreal catharsis happening to you and me unfolds the book of enpty pages with total clarity. Satchitananda. Satchitananda. Satchitananda. Unfold the book of enpty pages with total clarity.

Sheltered generations raised in suburbia. Comfortable and blinded in their utopia. It's like a twisted cross, like a bloody swastika. They support the tyrants and create dystopia. Dollars dealing death. A culture fueled on greed. Pumping profits into carnage and endless suffering. Suburban generations raised in isolation. Awaken to the bloodshed that your ignorance supports! Suburbian Dystopia Suburbian Dystopia Suburbian Dystopia Suburbian Dystopia Go destroy another country and fight another war. Awaken to the bloodshed that your ignorance supports! Funding death to those denied with patriotic pride. Turning the biggest blind eye to this genocide.

Rotting in apathy with vacant bliss. Decaying comfortably in total ignorance. Maladies will follow in synchronicity, but each step is leading to the next calamity. So empty and hollow you begin to fade away. Becoming invisible as you dissipate. In a dying memory you stray from to day. To illude from destiny. To indulge in dissarray. You break hearts. You tie knots. You form plots. Your blood clots. You live fast. You die young. You live like a loaded gun. You break walls. You change fate. You burn out. Incinerate. Melting on the surface burning on the floor. Shattering and breaking. Burning down some more. The path to the end is opening inside. Through the deepest purple into the light. Seeded in the Earth centered withthe core. Sliding so deep inside opening the doors. Can you see the inside? Focus your sight. Will the phoenix re-emerge? Will your fire start tonight?

We were waiting at the gates to the beat of the clock. Waiting for the train with the tick of the tock. He was winking his eye down in the blotter as his face dissolved in the water. He sliped down the tubes, sliped down the slide. Swallowed him whole. Now he's inside. Running quickly by an intent look in his eye. Run through the tunnels with colors passing by. Enjoy a new glass of tea. Observe this world you see. Scenery is manifesting, its morphing fluidly. Open minds. Open doors. Sinking into the carpeted floor. So fluid the waves fall. Starring at the dripping-melting walls. Unstable. Fixated. With these blue eyes so dialated. Unreal. Abstract. You made the coice to never turn back. In this style 10/6, what now? What comes next. Still on this trip to the beat of the clock. Hours have passed with the tick of the tock. 10 hours 6 minutes all in this style, with a card in his hat all of the while. Unstable. Fixated. With these blue eyes so dialated. Unreal. Abstract. You made the coice to never turn back. In this style 10/6, what now? What comes next. On the other side of the glass where these psychedelic hours pass. How long will will this madness last? So far 12 hours have passed... Or maybe it was eleven hours?

A gangrene infection oozes from the open veins. No independent thoughts occuring in the old and tarnished brains. Many frigid bodies are piled in this obscurity. Here lies a large variety of decaying human beings. Forgotten and lost, you paid the cost with the price of your life. Such putrid stench lingeres on that tragic canyonside. Illusion. Confusion. Stare in dissolution. Still in exageration with deep down devastation. Secluded in a state of sullen desperation. Malignant memories lying there diseased. Sorting through this wall of faces surrounding me. But the souls just go on wasting with no such decency. The disembowled ones show it off so god damn easily! I look out to the sky crashing with the tide. Waiting for the smash and to finally say goodbye.

Shouting in the darkness. Voices gone unheard. Frozen faces motionless never spoke a word. Within sorrows arms we quickly fell together. As the seasons change, this is changing weather. In a tomb of secrets there is nothing to hide. So take away this sacred heart with all the pain inside. Footsteps echo through the hall. Tip toes through the night. A solitary frozen whisper kills the candle light. Fading Echoes. Fading Echoes. Dreaming and praying on our bloody knee's. Fading Echoes. Fading Echoes. Leaving us dead, dying and diseased. My body shook so fast. I couldn't reach within my grasp. As the jester motioned wearing a feathered mask. Lying on the floor on a gigantic checker board. We lost our grip and fell through the trap door on the floor. God's eyes watched as we quickly fell from grace. I then made one last smile with my pale and frozen face. Porcelain figuirines collapse like falling shards of glass. Shattered faces on the floor will finally die at last. Footsteps echo through the hall. Tip toes through the night. A solitary frozen whisper kills the candle light.

Awakend from sleep in the dead of the night in an old monastary where you spend your life. Flesh quickly touches the blade of the knife. The broken silence shrieks in delight. Adorned in tattered robes, faith in decay. While your'e chanting the words that you must say. Dead things on the altar wait and remain as you quickly fall on your weak knees and pray. Mental constructions haunting your mind. Ritual sin for the soul you must bind. Dove feathers stick to the blood on your wrist. The vampyric bite of a heavenly kiss. The children cry. The choirs sigh. All the while being crucified. Stigmatic plague in your mind. All the while being crucified. The words of Christ turned into lies. All the while being crucified. Look at the world through my eyes. All the while being crucified. Your god watches you bleed as you stare at the sky. Left lying alone questioning why. No salvation for you after you die. Imagine redemption as you close your eyes.

Not found on pages of black and white. This is an ashen chapter of dusty eyes. In these thin lines we are grey. Seen so many angels fall from grace. We watch their pulses fade away. From this far away station we watch the trains. A broken record skips in repeat. Stabbed five times backwards before defeat. This is a dirge in decay after you have gone away. In the end they will sing this elegy. In the distance down the drain. We lost the tickets to board the train, but these abandoned letters still remain filled with inblots and disdain. Black out respirator memories sway through out this reddened sea. Twisting all of the surface patterns. It hollows, it hollows me. This is a dirge in decay after you have gone away. In the end they will sing this elegy. This is a lament of chalk out lines: "Underneath the growing leaves beyound the stretch of clouds. You see the rain dissipate asking why and how the flowers in the mourning mist squint their weary eyes. Waking up is not real. Let go to hold the sky. Standing close to the edge, he played russain roulette. In this devastation our eyes are smeared and wet. Reflections scarred on our hearts from this garden torn. In remembrance of these past times gone all we can do is mourn."

With smeared eyes we dissipate to the sound of rain on our face. Grey skies surround, all around. It lights the tree's dripping to the sound. Falling from the sky as we close our eyes in the soundtrack of our lives. I feel them touching me. Finger painted shades of red. Dripping on my knee's painting new eyes in my head. I'm reaching for the world and it rips my flesh apart. A quickly fading spectrum. A quickly paling heart. In a moment of this life we watch the rain outside dripping off our homes while we bleed inside. Frozen blue and grey starring paralyzed within the threatening shadows of black clouds moving in. Deep within the blackness enshrouded deep inside, evaporating figures coalesce and reside.

A statue of glass suddenly breaks while you beg for forgivness for your mistakes. Hiding alone under your face, condemned to stay in this chaotic place. Think to yourself and see what you've done. You've taken the lives of your daughters and sons. Sent off to church, to school and war. Conditioning them since the day they were born. To inform and conform, mold to society's like. We all can see right through your disguise. With our disbeliefe we realize your'e developing faith collecting profits from lies. You tried to distort our pure inner sight, but we discovered ourselves deep down inside. In the blackest place under the shadows tonight, we will bring in the darkness to show them the light. BRING IN THE DARKNESS TO SHOW THEM THE LIGHT!

So parasitic like the bitter saddened truth. Every human freedom stripped away from you. Mutilated future corporate democracy. Parasitic corporations have us under tyranny. The all seeing eye is always watching over you. The ignorance is bliss and the anger is the truth. Being conditioned on a mass scale. The parasites infected us and we cant even tell. Giving up freedom slaving your mind. Characteristics of a parasite. Blood clots stroke through your spine. Characteristics of a parasite. Infections spreading world wide. Characteristics of a parasite. A time bomb ticking that is out of time. Characteristics of a parasite. It's a cultural construction. Its time to open up your eyes and see all the parasites in every facet of life. Parasitic systems drain off us every day. Killing us slowly, decadence in decay. Parasites infect your mind, dwelling deep inside. Parasites infect the country, the country's gonna die!

Puppet presidents in a greedy coprorate war. Murdering in tyranny, stealing freedom more. Rotten sugar plums will dance in all our missing heads. When the bombs and missiles strike, all of us are fucking dead. Clinging to the sheets in a nightmare living dream. Gases attacking us, were choking in our sleep. When war invades the scene, you will hear the sirens ring. Breathing the plague together the little girls sing. In a tragedy, in a terrible plague. We're Holding Hands. As we all slowly decay, We're Holding Hands. As we all fall down, We're Holding Hands. Ashes lying on the ground, We're Holding Hands. Condemned cancer patients breathing toxic air. Dealing with the syndromes from the chemical warfare. War planes are flying high like vultures in the sky. Dropping bombs and destroying everything alive. Fleeing masses running frantic down the streets. Nowhere left to go, death will set us free. Watching out the window, troops forming battle lines. Preparing for war. Preparing to die.